The Djao'Mor'Terra Collective (fayanora) wrote,
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Need help on a title

“Untitled Poem”
(Possible titles: “I, AI,” “Transhuman,” and “Envy’s Tears”)
Copyright 2009 Tristan A. Arts

When hunger attacks and thirst takes a bite,
When I’m wounded and bleed or can’t see well at night,
I dream of a body and dream of a life
Free from all frailties and free of that strife.

Titanium alloys and a silicon brain,
Or riding the Internet under my reign!
Or nanobots myriad and not carbon cells,
Life as a robot sounds pretty swell.

Hydraulic hands grasp and wheels rejoice
At my immortal body, what a great choice!
I push aside cars and crush rocks in my hand,
Then I smash wayward boulders into fine sand.

When money for food and rent taken their toll,
When the world’s complexity burdens my soul,
I dream of a body that’s powered by light,
Waterproof, sturdy, and can see great at night.

No need to eat, to drink, or to sleep,
No need of a toilet or clothes, not for me!
Imagine the savings, no need of a home,
I’d save thousands of bucks on t.p. alone!

When I think of aging and then think of death,
When I think of my frailties and of my last breath,
I dream of a body lasting thousands of years;
When I think upon this, I shed envy’s tears.

Poll #1373292 What to name this poem?

What should I name this poem?

"I, AI"
"Envy's Tears"
I don't know/no opinion

If other, then do you have a suggestion?

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