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Writer's Block: Divided Self

Do you behave differently online than you do in real life?
Yes. I am more free online to say what I want. The Filter, which always makes things I want to say difficult, plus the added difficulty of politeness in conversation (I am far too polite for my own good in face-to-face conversations, I have a very hard time getting a word in edgewise with most people) don't exist in online conversations. Plus, I can take my time online and not only study what's being said, but ponder over my response without the other person continuing to blather on (or, if they do, it doesn't matter if I take my time, except in IMs and chats, which I rarely take part in). I also don't have to worry about shyness in online conversations. Offline, I find it extremely difficult to hold conversations even with close friends. It's a little easier with kengr, but Lilla especially... when I have a conversation with Lilla, I almost always get left in the dust and either have to abandon things I was going to say to keep up or backtrack the conversation, or both. Online, I don't have these worries, so my true self comes out more.

Also, my language is different online. I tend to use simpler words in real life partly because I have to think faster and partly because I have to speak faster. Online, I can take my time and so I have a broader vocabulary online than offline. Also, there are things I could never say offline that I can discuss freely online. That, and there are some words I only ever use in one context or another. One of those being "y'all." I never say "y'all" offline, but I use it sometimes online.

I think if the Internet ever gets to a point where 99% of people interact online via video or audio, I'll be in the 1% still stubbornly using text interaction like a stubborn old coot, because text interaction online is freedom for me: freedom from my offline limitations.

Unrelated: *Giggles* This page uses military time, and right now it is 23:23. An auspicious time indeed, milords and miladies. (Ah, archaic speech and other quirky manners of conversing, another thing I do online more than I do offline.)
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