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Looking for a job? The US government is hiring:

Mattell announces a "Dora The Explorer" for tweens. Basically, an older, better-looking Dora. Which is good, I hope they make a "grown-up Dora" version of the TV show, too, because the usual version of the character is ugly, and the show is unwatchable.

From the FreeRangeKids blog: Eating dirt is good for your health. No really! Here's the original article.
I love that FreeRangeKids blog, because I am so fucking disgusted with this panic-striken, over-protective, pedophile-round-every-corner society of fear. And in that vein, you should also check out "Harmful To Minors" by Judith Levine.

This comic gave me a big laugh! :-)

Awesome video:

But this is possibly the most awesome thing on Earth today!

Gmail introduces new "undo send" feature!

Very disturbing picture of a "dark" version of Snow White And The Seven Dwarves! :-)

Mayans invented tooth bling.
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