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Old music troubles

One of the bad things about having unusual music tastes, like I do, is that sometimes it causes problems. This time, the problem was because I was ripping to my laptop an album so old and of a group so... well, pretty popular in certain areas of the world but not the world as a whole... that I couldn't find a list of the songs in it, not in the right order anyway (the laptop was just labeling them track 1, track 2, etc). Oh, they're still selling the album (same artist and album name), but the songs are in the wrong order and they're not even the same versions - I previewed them, and there's new remixes and even some songs that weren't on the original album. It's very bizarre. But even Amazon says this, and it's the closest I came to the right list. I must have wasted half an hour on this futile search before giving up. The CD had already been ripped in its entirety, so I took it out and put it in my desktop PC, opened it in RealPlayer, and used *that* to get the list. Ugh! Too much work!

If you're curious, the artist is Danna Paola and the album was Chiquita Pero Picosa.
Tags: annoying stuff, computer, danna paola, music, old things
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