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Seeking help on something

I need help on something. I'm writing a scifi story with a bunch of different races in it, but no one has yet figured out how to go faster than light... but there's something else you should know, because it's relevant (if you haven't already read the linked post). All the races in this story are "silicon life" (machine life/AI's/call it what you will) with the exception of humans. That, and most of these silicon races are millions of years old. I'm looking for information that I could use to figure out how far away Earth is from the home planet of the protagonist's race (the protagonist is a member of one of the machine races).

I've already come to the conclusion that I want most of these silicon races to have been traveling in directions other than towards Earth, there being more resources closer to galactic center than at the rim, and the only reason humans got found at all is because a sleeper ship full of human colonists got intercepted as it was flying through the territory of one of these races. But I know very little in the way of being able to figure out distances and times and stuff. I do know that subjective time is less than the time of everyone else and so a journey of about 20-some lightyears is supposed to like only a few months to those in the ship. I've also decided that the sleeper ship gets intercepted quite a long ways away from what its eventual destination was to be.

So basically I just need to know how to figure out the relationship between subjective time and the real distance so I can decide where I want the different places to be in relation to each other. I'm also trying to figure out if there's a way for them to have radio communications with each other without SETI ever picking it up, even though they've been exploring space for millions of years.

Thanks in advance!
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