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I need some potpourri puns stat!


Cars with anime painted on them! Speaking of which (NSFW)...

...also, if you liked the anime cars link above, I made an LJ feed of that: danny_choo

These girls look good enough to eat! (DEFINETELY NSFW)

Kind of old, but funny priest Halloween costume.

Sentient Developments reports on a new prostheis that is better than a human arm! It looks pretty cool, I think. But Posthuman Blues also did an article on it, and they worry that prosthetics may someday be so popular that people give up their real limbs for the prosthetics.

New doodad can diagnose eye diseases using pictures sent to it via the internet.

This is awesome: Man renovating his house discovers a hidden room!

A very sad story: When hating in the abstract collides with real human beings.

A "dancing" wheelchair!

Funny story: don't shave your ass hair!
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