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A meme

1. Do you like chinese food? Only as much as I like breathing! :-)

2. How big is your bed? Tis a futon in a frame.

3. Is your room clean? Nope.

4. Laptop or Desktop computer? Yes.

5. Favorite comedian? Dat Phan.

6. Do you smoke? Nope

7. Does anyone like you? Of course!

8. Whats the sexiest thing about Condoleeza Rice? Well, she has a nice skin tone.

Okay, so #9 went AWOL...

10. Sleep with or without clothes on? Nekkid if I can get away with it.

11. Who sleeps with you every night? Me, myself, and I.

12. Do long distance relationships work? They can.

13. How many times have you been pulled over by the police? I think about 2 or 3 times total.

14. Pancakes or French Toast? Either!

15. Do you like coffee? Yes. But tea is better.

16. How do you like your eggs? Fried, scrambled, in an omlette, boiled, curried... I like eggs. Go straight through me and I get hungry half an hour later, but I like them.

17. Do you believe in astrology? To a point.

18. Last person you talked to on the phone? Employment Trends lady.

19. Last person on your missed call list? Probably Lilla.

20. What was the last text message you received? Probably something from kengr.

21. McDonalds or Burger King? Burger King.

22. Number of pillows? One. But I have some blankets that act as a second pillow.

23. Last thing you ate? Shrimp flavored cup o noodles.

24. Last thing you bought? Decaf Irish Breakfast Tea and dark chocolate truffle bar from Trader Joe's.

25. What are you hearing right now? Clickity clack on the keyboard.

26. Pick a lyric? It's in Japanese, so I can't write it here.

27. What kind of jelly do you like on your PB & J sandwich? Raspberry or strawberry preserves. I like preserves, not jelly.

28. Can you play pool? Yes. Poorly.

29. Do you know how to swim? Like a brick!

30. Favorite ice cream? Raspberry cheesecake!

31. Do you like maps? I am shithouse at reading them, so not really.

32. Tell me a random fact: I like extra sharp cheddar cheese.

33. Ever had a hard on at work? I plead the fifth.

34. Ever attend a theme party? I dunno

35. Ever do a keg stand? Nope

36. Craziest place you've slept after a night of drinking? I have never had alcohol, ever.

37. What is your favorite season? The in betweeners. Spring and Autumn. Well, at least they're the ones that are least offensive to me. My comfort zone could fit on the head of a pin.

38. What is the first music video you ever saw? Hell if I remember, it was too damned long ago.

39. Pick a movie quote: "We are the future, Charles, not them; they no longer matter."

40. Favorite quote: "That's not a knife; THIS is a knife."

41. What is your favorite hangout? kengr's apartment

42. Best friend's name? Brooke.

43. How long have you known them? A few years. Really only about 2.

44. Last time you laughed at something stupid? About 30 mins ago

45. What time did you wake up this morning? I believe it was something like 3 PM.

46. Wake up next to anyone? No :'(

47. Best thing about winter? Christmas/Yule.

48. Name a couple of favorite colors: pink, green, black.

49. How old are you? 26

50. What month is your birthday in? July

51. Do you think pirates are cool or overrated? Yes.

52. Favorite Dave Matthews Band song (if you have one)? I dunno any of their songs!

53. What are you doing this weekend? Exist. Maybe go to kengr's apartment.

54. Who will take this survey? I hate questions like this.
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