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These questionaires on online applications need to be multiple-choice or essay, for me, I'm so state-dependant. I can be one way at work, and the opposite away from work. So I generally answer for the "work" state.

EDIT: Take this question, for instance:

Most people:
1. Are completely honest
2. Are basically honest and tell only "white lies"
3. Not sure/in-between
4. Will tell you what they think you want to hear
5. Will lie if they think it will help them and they won't get caught

My honest answer would be 4 or 5, but prefaced with "I'm not like most people." For myself, I would choose 1 or 2. Gods, I hate these things.

Edit the 2nd: Just a forewarning, if you ever apply online to Target, have a piss bucket, tent, sleeping bag, food, water, and pain reliever handy before you begin. And cancel all appointments for the next three days. It has not just one of those gods-awful questionaires, but TWO. Gods, I thought I would die before completing the damned thing. And it's only active for 60 days. If I don't get that job by then, I am never applying there again.
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