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A plethora of memes

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Who's your favorite villian?
Favorite color?
Hannibal Lecter:sarah_forever
The inevitable nosy rich guy:skydancerlilitu
The Evil Stepmother:deekoo
What YOU will be arrested for:Stealing a rosary from the chapel of a nursing home
Your Bail:$7,530,195
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Prostitutes themselveskiarrith
Secretly huffs glueannotated_alex
Wears women's lingerie_raven03
Loves farm animals, if you know what I meanglamwhorebunni
Practices Riverdance while in a tutuconsortofvenus
Flashes homeless menglamwhorebunni
Drinks rubbing alcohol to get a buzzkiarrith
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I should certainly HOPE that _raven03 is wearing women's lingerie... she IS a female after all!

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Favorite Food
Favorite Band
Favorite Place
Will become a famous porn starlaseroption
Will run around nude at your funeraldarkwyccan
Will become bankruptskydancerlilitu
Will own a multi million dollar companyangelictiger
Will become a spinster and own 200 catssyrenichol
Will get breast implantsbloodxsacrifice
Will start World War III by accidentally bombing Germanybelladonaconite
Will be the antichristconsortofvenus
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LOL! bloodxsacrifice, is there something you want to tell us? :-)

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Is surfing the web for pornkiarrith
Masturbating to a picture of youannotated_alex
Shopping online with parents' credit card_raven03
Meeting with other LJ friends to plot a coup against youglamwhorebunni
Pondering the meaning of lifeconsortofvenus
Writing... pornglamwhorebunni
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Tara! What are you buying online! LOL!

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Is the glass half full or half empty?
Do you belive in true love?
What year were you born?
Wet themselves in bed until they were thirteen:glamwhorebunni
Played with matches and set their home on fire:alostrael
LOVED Power Rangers, dressed up as Jason for Halloween:skydancerlilitu
Religiously watched Barney and the Teletubbies:sarah_forever
Was an evil child mastermind, plotting to rule the earth:brigidsblest
Took their diaper off and threw feces at their parents:annotated_alex
Was relatively normal, besides the fact that they lived for a year on a diet of mud pies&worms:peristera
Ran away because mommy wouldn't by them the new My Little Pony set:rynchan
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Loves Mekermix
Adores Meannotated_alex
Admires Metelarus
Idolizes Me_raven03
Worships Mekiarrith
Reveres Mesyrenichol
Is In Awe Of Meperistera
Wants To Be Just Like Mesarah_forever
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Face Shape
Number of People You Bumped Off Last Year
Number of People on Your 2005 Hitlist
Crime LocationThe Beverly National Bank round the corner...
Money Stolen$402,537
The Linguistsarah_forever
The LockPickglamwhorebunni
The Armsmenrynchan
The Get-a-way Driverangelictiger
The Undercover Copsarah_forever
The Get-a-way VehiclePassenger Jet
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