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Almost done with "100 Year Wait"

Gods, I'm almost done with "One Hundred Year Wait," which I started around the time I finished "I'll Tell You No Lies," and "ITYNL's" is still in at Publish America, waiting to be finished up so it can be published.

Oh, and I might have to cut 100 Year Wait for length! LOL! My first novel was so short I couldn't get it past 50K words (though some recent thoughts have belatedly given me ways to expand that), and now this second one is over 100 K words! LOL!

EDIT: Just finished. Might still tweak it some, but the final word count was 92,420. (I figured out that the ***'s and *'s being used to separate sections and/or surround "quotes" [like at bottom example] were being counted as words. There were 107 of those, so it would've been 92,527 had I counted those.) Still, a buffer of about 8000 words. I could still add words if I wanted to.

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