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Recap: Snow in Portland, Oregon, is like 80 degree weather in Antarctica. We had a week and a half of it before it stopped, and there's no guarantee it won't return. Since snow shovels and snow plows in Portland are like air conditioners at the South Pole, we're all pretty much waiting for the snow to melt already.

Entry itself: I went out to start the laundry some time ago, and found the outdoor staircase that leads to the laundry room absolutely WHOMPED with hard-packed snow. And since hard-packed snow, under the right conditions, can turn into ice (like carbon turns to diamond under the right conditions), and since it was slippery as all get-out, the thing was a death trap. I went down once, came back up, and went down again later to transfer the clothes to the drier. When I opened the door and looked up the stairs, I thought, "It's a miracle I've been up and down this thing three times without killing myself." So I started kicking loose the snow on the staircase, finding along the way that a lot of the lower layers had already turned to ice. It was relatively weak ice, but still ice. I got most of the way up using just my feet and hands (hooray for gloves!), tossing huge chunks up into empty ground/parking lot (being careful not to hit the only car sitting there), using just my feet, when I ran out of energy. There were 3 or 4 stairs left. I climbed up the rest of the way and looked around for a tool. Found a Vitamin Water bottle full of ordinary water in my bike's water bottle holder. The water had frozen. So I used that as a tool.

Once all the ice was off the stairs, I had to kick off the loose snow and slush that had fallen on the stairs below during this work. I worked my way down, of course. Finally, it was done. But I went a step further and got an empty margarine container from the apartment, filled it with kitty litter, and spread kitty litter on the stairs. Now it should be safe until the next time it snows, if it does. (Gods have mercy, I beg of thee, please no more snow! *Weeps*) All in all, must have spent 30 to 40 minutes doing that.

I can be a pretty determined person when the mood strikes. Of course, part of the reason it took so long is that once I get started on a task, I like to keep at it until I've done the best job I can do. And I can be pretty particular about things like that.
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