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Tara (my sister) broke the CD-ROM drive when she got angry at it a few weeks ago. You see, it used to refuse to read anything once in a while, usually only when she was using it (I guess it didn't like her), and it was doing it again, refusing to read a mix CD she'd made. She was making it open, and then punching it back in (over and over again) to try to get it to read the CD. Well, one of those times she broke it, and it got stuck partway open. Nothing would get it open.

I took it in finally to Jason, and he had to take the drive out, destroying it completely in the process. But here's the cool part... he didn't have any CD-ROM drives, so he had to replace it with a DVD-ROM! So now my PC plays movies!

Chaotic Blessings;
Tags: angst, computers, cool stuff, family
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