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So this nearby market & cafe called The Daily is shutting down their market side and going exclusively cafe because the market side is doing poorly. So they had this 20% off clearance sale. And I'm wandering around, and I spot something in the freezer section that makes me literally SQUEE with delight and surprise. Quorn! Yes, the meat substitute made of fermented mycoprotein (fungi) is sold in America! I knew it was being sold in Britain, but last I had heard the FDA hadn't gotten around to approving it. Well it seems they finally did! So I was so excited I just HAD to buy a box of it! I just had one of them a few minutes ago, and I have to say WOW. It TOTALLY tastes like chicken! I've never been able to eat soy-based faux chicken before because it tastes horrible, but Quorn's "chick'n" totally tastes like the real thing! Texture and all! And where soy-based meat substitutes have over 1,000 milligrams of sodium in each patty, Quorn only has 400 milligrams of sodium in each patty! HOLY SHIT!

I give this product 10 thumbs up!
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