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Tis the season

I absolutely ABHOR the use of real trees for Christmas/Yule. It's bad enough we use trees for paper, but to kill an entire tree so you can decorate its copse corpse for a week or so and then toss it to the curb? How would you feel if trees killed millions of humans every year and decorated their corpses, sacrificing humans to a festival celebrating consumerism? You wouldn't like it very much, I think. So every year, around Christmastime, I go on the PETOP (People for the Ethical Treatment Of Plants) warpath. I assure you, I am quite serious. FIR IS MURDER! FAUX IS YOUR FRIEND!

"Oh Dear Tannenbaum"
By Fayanora

Poor little tree, killed for your fir,
I pine with rage at your murder;
Your life ended for a one-month decoration,
I scream my rage at your desecration;
Evergreen never again, oh Tannenbaum,
I weep my rage at how you've been wronged;
Fir is murder, people should invest in faux,
And until they do, I will tell them so.

©2003 PETOP

"Faux Fir"
(To the tune of "Oh Christmas Tree")
By Fayanora

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree,
Sacred, sublime in your glory.
Or at least you were, before the saw-
Blades took you into the deep maw
Of a holiday, a holiday,
That only lasts two nights a year.

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree,
You are so wild and so free,
Now that they've torn your roots apart,
Because they have a frozen heart,
For chlorophyll, for chlorophyll,
Anything that's alive, they will kill.

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree,
I'd rather that it had been me.
They sacrificed you on the altar of
A holiday dedicated to love,
And harmony, and harmony,
I wish that it had been me.

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree,
You are perennial just like me.
Or at least you were, before you died,
Am I the only one who cried
For your murder, for your murder,
Who else cried for your murder?

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree,
Why don't they get it, why don't they see
That the death of such a beautiful life,
Is just so wrong and is not right,
For a holiday, a holiday,
They killed you for their holiday.
Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree,
They killed you for a two-day holiday.


The 2004 version

I founded PETOP - People For The Ethical Treatment Of Plants. FIR IS MURDER!

PETOP pamphlet

I'm not the only one!
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