The Djao'Mor'Terra Collective (fayanora) wrote,
The Djao'Mor'Terra Collective

I've had it with the nonfluffypagans community

I posted this message at nonfluffypagans, and again got nothing but idiotic comments about Shao-Kehn's name. Not a single intelligent reply in the whole damned thing, because they're all morons over there. It's making me consider changing Her name to the Omni-Personality's name (Djao'Kain).

I won't even bothering linking back to them, but for posterity I repeat my final post to them, in case they delete it:

You people all absolutely disgust me. I come to join your site because I am a non fluffy Pagan. From the first moment I get in here, I hear that Goddess-damned infuriating old saw about my Goddess's name. It wasn't put in the form of a question, even! No asking me if it was a coincidence. No, you mutated children, crossbreeds between hagfish and a puddle of babboon vomit, just FLAT OUT ASSUMED that I am some drugged-out fluffy who plays violent video games and names Deities after them. You never asked for an explanation, you just started throwing your rotten vegetables at me and booing me off the stage. I admit I could have handled that a lot better, but that is NO EXCUSE for you people bringing back that repugnant joke every time I try to have a serious conversation.

It's become clear that I can't post anything in this stupid forum without being the subject of ridicule and persecution without anyone even bothering to stop and wonder if they're being worse than the fluffies they pretend to despise. And looking into your profiles, it's no wonder! One of you even is in favor of George Bush! Now if that's not fluffy, I don't know what is, because how any Pagan can be for Bush when he's trying to replace our democracy with his own brand of THEOCRACY is utterly beyond my comprehension. And the last moron I knew who was Pagan and pro-Bush was the fat, hairy ball of maggot shit that thought it funny to suggest to SomethingAwful that I was deifying video game characters WHEN HE KNEW I WASN'T. Mortal Kombat is a violent putrefacient ball of moral filth that I would not be caught within a ten mile radius of, much less knowing anything about it! All I know about it is that people kill each other in it, which is just vomit-enducing. Violence is the reason this society is going to hell in a handbasket, and to think that anyone would associate me with anything so violent is just insane.

If I were a hacker, I swear to Goddess you people and your stupid forum would be down tonight and never come back. Unfortunetely, I am not a hacker, and nor do I know any. All I can really do is hope that my Goddess (I will not give you the satisfaction of hearing Her name again) will strike your stupid forum down, making you vermin find some other dark wall to infest.

You know, it really SUCKS MONKEY FECES when someone like me, who has read spiritual books voraciously and found none of them fit my beliefs exactly, that mule hind ends like you people laugh at people who create their own path, just because of one accidental similar name. Had any of you people actually READ my site at all, you would have KNOWN that my Goddess's name is NO RELATION to ANY Earth word, MUCH LESS from some stupid video game that's not worth the time it would take for me to urinate on it.

Oh right, I forgot, how silly of me: NONE OF YOU CAN READ HIGHER THAN A FOURTH-GRADE LEVEL! (This comment was aimed only at those poking fun at my Goddess's name, not to those who chose not to stoop that low. To YOU, all I have to say is this: get out before this place purees your brain.)

I feel sorry for any other intellectual Neo-Mythos Pagan coming in here expecting a community of acceptant intellectuals talking about intellectual stuff, because all they're going to find is a stage for brain-damaged, mentally retarded babboons to fling their poo at anyone whose anus smells different from theirs. And if you don't join in the poo-flinging, you get flung AT.


Here's a solution to the poor Neo-Mythos people wandering into this rat-infested hellhole: PUT UP WARNING SIGNS!

Or, for something more on your intellectual level (so that you can understand it without having to look every ninth word up on, my feelings can be summed up like this:

Good day, and I hope you people are happy. Mogen uw ingewanden val uit uw anus en stikt u!

Groeien te een volwassene of dobbelsteen;

Not wanting any more comments to put up with, any comments there are only be screened, but will not be emailed to me. And I'm screening the comments here, too. (But not turning off email). Screening level on this post is "non-friends."

Chaotic Blessings;
Tags: rants, shao'kehn, spirituality, why people suck
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