The Djao'Mor'Terra Collective (fayanora) wrote,
The Djao'Mor'Terra Collective

A meme

This one was supposed to be one of those "secret" memes, but I don't have the patience for that, so:

1. someone likely to survive in a dystopian future = consortofvenus
2. someone who belongs in a past century = lillakat
3. someone (currently unmarried) likely to become the next person you know to get married = No idea.
4. someone you'd like to see drunk = brockulfsen
5. someone who'd make a good spy = beginnings_end
6. someone chic = No idea.
7. someone who should be a fictional character = Everyone on my flist, but especially consortofvenus. In #1's scenario.
8. someone who should, would or could not be a fictional character = No idea.
9. someone who'd look good animated = evilgrins
10. someone who'd be an excellent superhero = dorkphoenyx, lillakat
11. someone who'd be an excellent supervillain = I dunno.
12. someone you think you could take in a fight = No one.
13. someone who'd totally kick your ass = Everyone.
14. someone you'd want as a partner in crime = gremlynna
15. someone you think you could share a living space with = gngr
16. someone you think would be a good traveling partner for you = ysabetwordsmith
17. someone you could imagine dating = consortofvenus
18. someone whose life you'd like to borrow for a week = Any of the genetic girls. :-)
19. someone who seems to be hiding secrets = No idea.
20. someone with a talent you envy = ysabetwordsmith
21. someone you think is smarter than you = ysabetwordsmith, jonamo_cat
22. someone you turn to for advice = kengr
23. someone who lives in a place you want to visit = not_in_denial
24. someone likely to become a professional expatriate = I dunno.
25. someone whose first book you will read = Everyone on my flist.
26. someone you think you'll still be in touch with five years from now = consortofvenus, gngr, lillakat
27. someone whose icon collection you covet = Several of you.
28. someone who makes you interested in things you never cared about before = ysabetwordsmith, brockulfsen, consortofvenus
29. someone who could play you in the biopic of your life = I don't know if there's anyone in the world qualified to play the part of me. I may be wrong though.
30. someone whose life often seems quite alien to your own = d4b, bart_calendar
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