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Bones of the Earth

      There's this small lake in Creston, in this awesome park in town. There are a lot of lakes in the area, but this one is easiest for me to get to. Today I went down there via bicycle as the sun was setting. I found this neat little place that's a spillway. It's been raining a lot lately, so water was spilling down this thing and into a drain, and down into a stream from under the road. There is a lot of graffiti on this spillway, which is what drew my attention to it. Anarchy symbols, chaos magick stars, and lots of interesting sayings. I think a bunch of anarchists or chaoists live in the area.

      Anyway, the place intrigued me, and the energy felt right. A great view of the water, a solid place for my stuff, and even though it was concrete, it was still the bone of the Earth. Which felt right for a ritual place. So... I climbed up onto it, set my black candle down, put my two athames by it (hunting knives are my athames, because they look neat), and got out my lighter. I lit the candle, sat there, and started the spell. I started by calling the elements, something I can't remember ever having done before, and Naming them first in English and then in Trai'Pahg'Nan'Nog. (The five elements, Spirit, Earth, Air, Water, and Fire, are {in TPNN} Kohraindehr, Kusahr, Fwiinahr, Gweblahr, and Morphahr.) Then I named their Originators. In English, Gaia originated them all. But in TPNN, I Named Originators as Kohraindehr for Spirit, Kusunia for Earth, Fweenah for Air, Gweble for Water, and Fire has two... Yinianata (Deity of Light) and Morphwaan (Deity of Fire).

      So after that, I began to do what I usually do for rituals... "Shao'Kehn, sia Shao'Kehn, Ahnai flo Kriiah Tay'kwii'ah..." except I called not only Shao'Kehn, but also Kohraindehr (Deity of All), Ahndahn (Shao-Kehn's consort), Nahtahdjaiz (their adopted child), and Grah'Bahn (Deity of Life). I was intending to attract that elusive job to me, so I needed all the help I could get.

      Thus, I called to Them, then I brought Shao'Kehn into me. Together we commanded the universe to bring me a job, commanded in the sense of the mind commanding an arm to move. We raised energy to make a job come quickly to me. We said, among other things, "It is certain that a job will come, for it always does. We know, however, that this time it will come quickly to Tristan." Then to seal the deal, I sang and danced (chaos chants... nonsense words to catchy tunes I think up off the top of my head) with Shao'Kehn in me, which is always an awesome experience, to raise more energy. We made it plain that by the end of two week's time, I would have a job. It was fun, too. I am going to do it again every night until I have a job. Then I think I'll return after that, when I can, just because it's an awesome place.

      And no, Tara, you don't have to be embarrassed for me. There was NO ONE out there by the time I started singing and dancing, so I highly doubt anyone heard or saw me.

      I also found this site, , where you can get old versions of certain programs for free. I downloaded As-aware 5 from it. It is scanning now for spyware.

Chaotic Blessings;
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