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My first novel

My first novel, "I'll Tell You No Lies,"1 is apparently available to me for $5 apiece if I order at least 5 copies. If I can get at least 5 people seriously interested in buying a copy,2 I will order some. The price for you will depend on whether or not I have to ship it to you in the mail. So that means that anyone who can come to Portland and get their copy will get a discount. I need to make a profit, so I'm thinking I'll charge $15 for people who require it shipped to them, and $10 if you can pick it up yourself.

The offer that allows me to get them this cheap expires on the 17th of this October.

In the year 2904 AD, humans and their alien friends have explored most of the universe already, and have found many amazing forms of sentient life. They think they’ve seen it all, until they stumble across a lost civilization surprisingly close to home. Expecting another unusual life form, they instead find a species almost entirely identical to humans. This species, the Ah’Koi Bahnis, has an almost-perfect enlightened society, and though the two species are very different from each other, they become friends. Now it’s 3231 AD, and an Ah’Koi Bahnis Truthspeaker named Nokwahl employs her psychic prowess to fight crime. Employed by Earth’s government as a detective, she hunts down criminals on a regular basis. Her latest assignment is catching a murderer who can make his victims literally vanish out of existence. But can she cope when the first victim is the man who raped her years ago?

So, anyone want one?

1 = Which was published years ago by Publish America, which I have since found out is a crappy stupid publisher.

2 = Which means you'd better be darned sure you want one, because once I order them you are not allowed to change your mind.
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