The Djao'Mor'Terra Collective (fayanora) wrote,
The Djao'Mor'Terra Collective

Prayer to my food

I have come up with a standard prayer for my food, so I don't have to improvise as much. I have also translated it into Dvencoilii, the language of the Duenicallo. I want to practice speaking it. Dvencoilii is a very hard language to speak, it's very harsh and gutteral. The HK sound makes a sound like an h crossed with a throat-clearing sound. The r ALWAYS rolls, like a purr or growl. Accented u is oo sound, as in moo; so is oo and uu. And u, for that matter. The capitalized T is hard, and so is like spitting the letter out venomously. Words with the hard T tend to be said in a way that sounds terse. "Paad" is like "pawed." Double-I (ii) is like double e (ee). "Dven" has a silent D.

Just to clarify: Dvencoilii is a constructed language for an alien race I have in some of my novels.

English: Many thanks, spirits of my food; I apologize for any suffering my people gave you. I appreciate your sacrifice, so I may live. I pray (that) my life will do honor to your spirit and atone for your suffering and pain.

Translation: Varrah nii'ehl, daar-raHs'vy'ahg túk HKoon-hiin ahdjd; HKoon kuumah'ra'gah’nii tlee kudahh hyoh'loh'syai HKoon'hiin dven vyor'nor'sen paa. HKoon byah'koo'peh'ty paad thrihk'nai'taHG, yug HKoon oonoi rah'HKain'yah. HKoon dyoh'shyah HKoon-hiin raHK'haHK bhaHKii HKahdj Tah-Tahshk kón paad raHs'vy'ahg siik noo'loo'yii'amma tlee paad hyoh'loh'syai siik Tii'TahT.
Tags: constructed languages, creativity, spirituality, things i've written
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