The Djao'Mor'Terra Collective (fayanora) wrote,
The Djao'Mor'Terra Collective

Kinda-nightmare with a happy ending

I had a dream last night that some evil alien creature had landed in the neighborhood of the character I was playing in the dream, and was hunting people. My character and a female friend of his wandered around for a while to try to escape, and finally found a hiding place under an overhang of a house. We covered ourselves with yard waste and lay absolutely still, barely breathing. It was terrifying. The alien kept changing shape, too. At first it looked like a Dalek, then it looked like something vaguely familiar (maybe Star Trek?), then it was very demonic-looking. It walked right by us without finding us. But then the perspective changed and while we were still hiding, it was inside of a house. The alien was now a demon, and it had some woman, a friend of ours I think. He was threatening to kill her if we didn't come out. So I got out and walked up to him. But far from walking to my death, "I" had suddenly devised a cunning plan. (Read it all before leaping to conclusions).:
      The woman had a little girl, and the little girl was in the house. My character called the little girl out, and she came out. When she saw her mother being held by the demon, she burst into tears. My character grabbed her and brought her over to the demon, and said, "Now look what you've done! You made her cry!" Then he wiped her tears and rubbed the tears onto the demon, who immediately started screaming with pain and let go of the girl's mother. He was writhing around on the ground, and my character said "The tears of an innocent hurt you, demon..." (pause while a retractable claw comes out of my index finger and I use it to make a shallow cut on the girl's arm (more like a scratch, really) and I got some of her blood on my fingers and said, "...and the blood of an innocent will kill you. Ironic, really." Wiped the blood on the demon, his screaming increased, and he boiled to death in his own skin.

I have to say, whoever I was playing in that dream is a lot braver than I am, and has a much quicker wit than I. (I have a razor-sharp wit, but it is not often a very quick wit.) Also, that character is one that thinks so far outside of the box that the box is in another country. :-)

These dreams, wherein I am playing the role of someone else, they happen a lot. I think in about half my dreams, I'm someone else.
Tags: dreams
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