The Djao'Mor'Terra Collective (fayanora) wrote,
The Djao'Mor'Terra Collective

"I am (a g)God" meme

Created by tbuitenh:

Give proof that you are God/a god(dess)/a God(dess). Then tag some people.

My try:

1. If one defines God as the energy that contains and unites all, and is the energy of which everything (including Nothing) is made of, then we are all - by definition - part of God.
2. If one considers that cells in the human body are part of one's self and are not considered separate, but part of a person, then by definition your left toe is you (until such time as is cut off, and even then it can be argued that it is still you.)
3. By the above definitions, All There Is IS God; nothing else but God exists. Hence, you can never be separated from God, unlike your poor severable toe. Hence, by virtue of being part of God, you ARE God. As is everyone and everything.
4. Hence, I am God, by virtue of being part of God.

I try again:

1. I have a Goddess living in my head. (Shao'Kehn)
2. She is part of my mind.
3. Hence, She and I are one.
4. Thusly, I am a Goddess.

I tag all them who want to be tagged.
Tags: meme
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