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I need to defrag my brain, and other random thoughts.

I have a new theory about why my memory is so poor. Okay, so whenever I forget something and am later reminded of it, I recognize it, and the memory returns. Also, if I do something a lot and forget it to do it one time, and have no reason to stop and recognize this, I will remember having done it until someone else points out otherwise, or other evidence indicates to me that I forgot. Which is an example of my tendency to remember things in improper order.

So my new theory now is that I don't actually forget anything, that everything I experience, think, do, or say is recorded dutifully, and is then tossed into the large box that is my memory. So when my memory is being used, it follows these rules:

1. First search what is on top of the pile.
2. If what is needed is not on the top, dig just underneath the surface.
3. Keep digging until it is found.
4. Try not to be distracted by the shiny objects and interesting things found during this digging process.
5. My memories, like objects in a pile, tend to settle to the bottom.
6. Digging through the pile will shift the contents of the pile dramatically.
7. Digging through the pile will always cause long-buried memories to randomly reappear.

In a way, it reminds me of digging through my toybox as a child. When I was a kid, my toybox was a catch-all for anything and everything that I decided to put in it, except garbage. But garbage would always invariably end up in it anyway. Whenever I wanted something, if it wasn't right there on the surface, I had to dig for it. I also had to avoid being distracted by the interesting things in it. What I was looking for was often at the bottom, somehow.

The same was true of the other piles in my room. Cleaning my room always ended up taking at least an entire day; I let myself get distracted by interesting things I found a lot more readily when cleaning my room than I did otherwise. Wait, what's all this "was" business? My room is STILL like that! Not quite as bad, but still pretty bad. :-) You should see my desk: it's so cluttered! I could say I have a system, but that would be a lie. :-)

My mind is like my room! Or like the toybox I had as a kid. :-)

Now back to discussing #7, from above: It's not unusual for me to start having a song go through my head that I haven't heard for years, popping up randomly without anything at all to have summoned it. Other ideas, words, and images also randomly float to the surface. I noticed the same thing with my toybox: things would come to the surface from below during the process of rummaging through it, just as stuff from above would sink below. Hell, every time I had to dig for stuff in my toybox, just the process of digging caused surface stuff to sink to the bottom. I wonder if the same thing happens in my mind... does rummaging through my memory cause surface memories to sink to the bottom? I am amazed by how often a word, phrase, the meaning of something, or other memory that I use frequently will randomly disappear and I have to dig for it.

But I kinda like the way my memory works, as frustrating as it can be sometimes. Life just wouldn't be the same without the random thoughts and associations I get, like someone saying "Hand me the mustard" and my brain thinking in response, "I wonder why elephants are scared of mice?"*

Yes, let's play the association game! Fay, it's your to be interrogated.
Host: Potato.
Fay: Did Gumby ever think it odd that his horse could talk? Are Pokey and Mr. Ed related? Did Pokey ever get put in the pokey?
Host: Uh... okay. Next word: aquarium.
Fay: *Starts singing "I've Got A Lovely Bunch of Coconuts"*
Host: Oy vey... Next word: organ.
Fay: *Giggles uncontrollably*
Host: Never mind. Next word: ocean.
Fay: Hey, that reminds me of a dream I had once where I was General Custard. Our forces were being spread thin, any longer and we'd be toast. Remember the Alamo! :-)

* They are, you know. Mythbusters proved it's not a myth.


Does anybody know where I could get a LazyTown-themed Mood Theme? I tried making my own once, and found it to be too difficult.


Is it just me, or is the ear of the girl in this icon unnaturally crooked? Like it's been put on wrong? Are peoples ears like that, normally?


Why the Bermuda Triangle? Why not the Bermuda Square? Bermuda Octogon? Bermuda Dodecahedron? Is the Bermuda Triangle obtuse, acute, equilateral, isocline, or right-angled? Am I acute when I'm being obtuse? ;-)
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