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Usually we all (in my family) get along okay with each other, but occaisionally we do more than the usual everyday backering (bickering+bantering combined, it's less angry than bickering) and bickering. When this happens, it's a huge explosion, but over quickly. How does this happen? Simple!
Just take:

3 cups Dad (chem. compos. Pig-headedness, Needs-to-be-right, Beligerance, Control-issues {Ph3N2B3C1} Work stress, Middle-age stress{Ws2Mas2) Caution: This substance comes to a boil quickly. Exposure after intense cooking may cause anger and/or upset.

1 cup Mom (Clinical-depression-mostly-controlled-with-drugs, Dirty House, People-not-working-enough-to-help-out, Stress-from-Dad-and-Tara{Cdm2DH3Pnw3 Caution: This substance is difficult to bring to a boil, but under the right conditions may be more powerful than the above substance.

3 cups Tara (chem. compos. {Ph3N2B3C1[see above reference: Dad]}; Clinical Depression, Teenage Angst, Familial Stress, School Stress, Friends-always-calling-and-she-doesn't-like-talking-on-phone, Over-investing Emotionally With Screwed-up friends{CD4TA3FS2SS1Faca2OiEWSf6} Caution: Same cautionary properties as the substance "Dad," with addition of Constant Sarcasm and Continual Scathing Remarks.

1 tablespoon Tristan/Fay (chem. compos. Laziness, Exhaustion from work, Laid-back personality, Laissez-Faire attitude, occasional two cents {L3Efw2Lbp5LFa5otc1} Class Q "dangerous" substance - must bring to a boil under tons of pressure per cubic centimeter in order to explode with the same force as the previous three substances. Rarely if ever dangerous, and mostly to property when it is.

Mix ingredients in medium-sized house, bring to a boil. Add salt to taste. Caution: explosive, but explosion peters out quickly and simmers quietly for hours afterward.

Oh, that's right... Tara's on Zoloft now. About time... she's had clinical depression for a long time (can't sleep at night, sad, restless, disturbed, and over-invests emotionally with her friends who are all screwed up in the head somehow or another), and she scratches herself with her nails until she bleeds. Lots of little cuts all over her arms, she doesn't even try to hide it from us anymore. :-( I hope the Zoloft helps. I don't want her to hurt herself.

Chaotic Blessings;



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Jan. 30th, 2005 02:44 am (UTC)
Wow... er, uh, hmm... ee... Just wow. @_@

Hmm... I wonder what kind of equasions my family fights would make...
Jan. 30th, 2005 01:42 pm (UTC)
Believe me, it was difficult figuring that out. I did it in such a silly way to try to diffuse the feelings about it that I was having. It worked.
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