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What I'm reading

"Godless" by Pete Hautman - Some kids who are tired of the religion their parents raised them in make up a new religion, Chutengodianism, worshiping the town's water tower as God. But their religion begins to get out of hand, and even dangerous.

It's a young adult novel, so it's a fairly quick read. I haven't finished yet, but I love it so far. It was very Discordian of Jason Bock, Chutengodianism's founder, to come up with a religion worshiping a water tower as God. But they made a lot of errors that will lead to the problems later on. I can already see ways of improving their "theology." They've made the water tower just as angry and vindictive as the God of Catholocism, they've made commandments, and in general they seem to be doing a very amateurish attempt at a parody religion. But their parody religion seems to depend entirely on the form of their God to make it a parody; in all other respects, their new religion is no different from any other. They could easily have made an entirely benevolent God; a better understanding of how to parody - a better understanding of humor - could have helped them a lot. As they've made it, I could easily see their religion taking off as a real religion - it certainly makes a LOT more sense than Scientology.

All in all, "Godless" is a good example, so far, of why one of Satanism's biggest sins is "forgetfulness of past orthodoxies." Because they're just giving the spirit of their old religions a makeover. The details are different, but it's essentially the same old oppressive religion. Very good book, though.

"The Code Book" by Simon Singh - Excellent book so far. Covers all kinds of codes and ciphers throughout history. I looked a little ahead, and it seems they will eventually get to ASCII and quantum encryption and stuff that goes way over my head. Basically, I got the book to look for ideas to help me in my own code-and-cipher making.

"The Law of Attraction" by Jerry and Esther Hicks - Haven't actually started it, but it sounds very good. It's about the law of attraction, which is essentially that like energy attracts (we're talking about higher plane energy here, not magnetism) and how to use that to one's advantage. Basically, New Age magick. If it's anything like the tapes I used to listen to, I should enjoy it very much.

Also checked out "The Dream Merchant" by Isabel Hoving, but I have no idea what it's about and haven't started it yet.

Still working on reading "Civilization One" by Christopher Knight and Alan Butler. Very awesome book! I give it 12 stars!

Also, reading of "Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings" by Charles Hapgood is going a little slow. Fascinating reading, I have just been too ADD in the reading department to get very far in it. Because while fascinating, it has far more information about the process they used than it does about the results.
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