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kengr and I spent the day hunting for geocaches, which are things hidden in certain locations, the coordinates of which are found on the geocaching website. Like a treasure hunt or an easter egg hunt using a GPS locator to track them down. The information we had was old, and the only active geocache left of the ones we were close to was too hard to find. But we found some benchmarks (metal thingies with information on them, planted in concrete by the city surveyors), and it was fun and good exercise. I also found out about a very long trail nearby my apartment that I hadn't known about before, which will be fun to explore some more. The sunburn I got from it was so worth it!

Oh, I also got a working printer from kengr! Thank you! *HUGS* Oh, and found out that windows XP does NOT automatically purge temporary files from the internet. So there was shit still there from 2004!!! No wonder the damn thing was so slow!
Tags: awesome friends, cool stuff, fun
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