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Tough questions meme

The Hard To Answer Questions

A relative just committed a very serious crime, do you turn them in?
If they hurt someone, then yes. If not, then no.

Your lover of 10 years has cheated on you, do you stay or go?
Kinda hard to cheat in an open relationship. :-)

How do you hope you will die?
Of boredom from having lived for 10,000 years.

Are you afraid of dying?
When I think about it, I alternate between looking forward to it and being absolutely fucking terrified.

Recall your worst nightmare, what was it about?
My worst nightmare ever was about my sister Tara being kidnapped by a serial killer, and I had to meet the serial killer alone at the school after hours. Couldn't tell anyone, and I was certain I would die, but I was hoping I could kill the bastard and/or rescue Tara. My second worst nightmare was years earlier, when Tara was about 4 or 5, in which I was holding Tara's hand while we were at the bank. On the other side of the glass, suddenly, was a girl who looked exactly like Tara, right down to the clothes. I was so terrified I'd take the wrong one home that I woke up screaming.

Your best friend makes a move on your lover, how do you handle that?
Open relationship.

If there were a fountain of youth, would you drink from it?
I would take some experimental sips to see how powerful it was, and then I'd bottle the stuff and use the profits to set up a bottling factory there.

If a magic potion could make someone love you, would you slip it to them?
No. I think the Harry Potter series is a very good example of why love potions are dangerous. If not for love potions, Voldemort would never have been born. (Allegory, people, allegory!)

What if a potion could make your enemy miserable?
Hmmm... depends on what you mean. If it made them feel the emotions of other people when they did hurtful things, then yes. Otherwise, no.

You're in the woods, alone, at night...are you honestly not afraid?
Depends on the woods. I have been in woods at night and not been scared before. But also I've been in woods and been scared fuckless.

If your bf/gf had to move out of state, would you leave your family?
My gf already lived out of state, and I moved to be with her. So yeah.

And if you had to move, could you leave your lover and family?
"Had to?" That's kind of vague. I have no idea.

You're never going to see your lover again, what do need them to know?
Again, this is kind of vague. I don't know. Need to know the circumstances.

An envelope is on the ground, it's full of money. Do you keep it?
If a wallet/money clip/something definetely identifiable to an individual, then no. If just a wad of cash and no obvious person who lost it in sight (and no way to identify said person), then I'd be like, "Somebody's bad day just became my good day!" And probably feel guilty about it, just a little.

You witness a crime, do you call the police or get involved in any way?
If it hurts someone, or takes something from them, then fuck yes I get involved. If someone is smoking pot or fucking a whore, then no.

If you were drafted into the war, would you serve or try to avoid serving?
If I were in shape enough for them to want me, I would refuse. But I can't run worth shit, I'm overweight, and I have asthma, so no military would take me anyway.

If you could say one thing to George W. Bush right now what would it be?
"I fucking hate you, everything you stand for and everything you believe in. You may think you're a good Christian, but I expect Jesus is going to kick you in the nads when you die."

Was the 9/11 attack planned by our own government?
No, but I think they knew it was going to happen and LET IT happen.

A parent confides in you that they are gay. Now how do you view gay rights?
I'd be like, "Cool!"

A loved one on life support for years, could you finally let them go?
If they were brain dead, or had a no recusitation order, then yeah. No reason for the soul to be burdened by a useless shell of a body when it has better places to be.

You are on life support, what would you want a loved one to do about it?
If there's no chance I'll recover meaningfully, let me die. As long as there's hope, you might as well try to keep me going.

If you honestly were abducted by aliens, would you have the nerve to tell?
I wouldn't be around to tell, because I'd get up and say, "Hey, could you abduct Lilla, too, and take us to your home planet? This one sucks."

You've contracted a deadly disease, how would you live your life thereafter?
Publicly tell the people at pervertedjustice.com that I think they're scummier than the predators they're after. And hope I get a damn lot of attention for it. Fuck it, at that point, I haven't got anything to lose, and it's something that SOMEONE needs to say.
Also, if it was ebola, find some way to infect Dick Cheney and George Bush. :-)

Your child has only a while to live, do you still enroll them in school?
That's up to them.

Think of who you love most, and describe them in one word:
Loveable. Obviously.



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Jun. 25th, 2008 12:03 am (UTC)
1) Do I like this relative? Did he off someone that i didn't like?
No, Blood is thicker than water but I better get a cut of the job.

2) Bye Bitch

3) Resisting some fascist trying to serve me with an illegal warrent.Actually he'd be the dead one. I'm classed a sharpshooter and head shots from 600 meters are no problem. Sp OK, then being fucked to death by a grooup of underage polynesian girls.

4) Yes and No. I've already seen the "Light" and come back.

5) SPIDERS!!! nuff said

6) It's up to her. She can leave whenever,

7) Fuck Yes!

8) Nope, what if ashe turned out to be the kind that just can't shut her fucking mouth.

9) One already does Hahaha Love it.

10) The most dangerous animal in the forest is afraid of the dark. The most dangeroous animal in the forest doesn't like to travel alone, The most dangerous anm=imal in the forest is the one with the Brain. I AM the Most dangerous animal in the forest!

11) Already done that and am still sorry I did.

12) Been there Done that too.

13) Nothing

14) Finders Keepers

15) Not My Problem. They'll just try to blame me for it.

16) I didi everything I coulod to avoid the draft. Only at the last moment I diecided to go.

17) Fucking Rich Cock Sucker should be drawn and quartered.

18) Planned? No. Allowed to happen, YES!

19) The same, I don't care what you do.

20) Only if they were a brain dead turnip.

21) I'm on life support now but not serious. If I got to the state of a cabbage, PULL MY PLUG!

22) I have been.

23) I'd lie cheat steal rob and generally fuck the system.

24) No, why waste their time being hammered when they ashoulod just enjoy sunrises and fishing and smelling new mown hay.

25) Off Limits
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