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Conspiracy meme

Conspiracy Meme, by fayanora

"Rules" of the meme:

1. Invent your own conspiracy theory, the crazier the better. It can be a worldwide conspiracy, or just a local one. The point, though, is to come up with absurd ideas for conspiracy theories as possible, and see if anyone eventually actually believes any of them. It is, thus, both fun and an experiment in human gullibility. You can use as much or as little description as you want. You're also invited, if you want, to have people comment to help you flesh out the idea, by doing things like finding evidence to support your conspiracy theory. Don't forget to give your conspiracy theory a cool name!

2. Credit the creator of the meme, which is fayanora. If you don't know how to make her name a link, just copy and paste this code: < lj user="fayanora" > (without the space between the carets and their respective texts.)

3. Send a copy of the link for your conspiracy theory to so she can compile the links on this post.

4. Include the link to this post, which is here, so that others can read all the crazy conspiracy theories that others have thought of:

5. This rule left intentionally blank, in accordance with the Law of Fives:

Here is my contribution:

The Secret Dinosaur Oligarchy

The world is secretly run by an oligarchy of dinosaurs. Humanity actually pre-dates dinosaurs by several million years, but the dinosaurs overpowered us and exiled us to Mars. That wasn't good enough for them, and they sent several armadas to Mars. A great battle was fought and Mars was conquered, the humans brought back in shame and servitude. They've been suppressing the truth from us ever since, and whenever we get too close to uncovering the truth, they use their superior technology to pull a comet into a collision course with Earth, fleeing to Mars before it strikes and not coming back until the dust has settled.

One of the dinosaurs' most effective tools for keeping us in the dark is to goad us into wars and violence. Nobody likes wars and violence, and humans are by nature a peaceful race at harmony with Mother Earth. It's the damned dinosaurs, I tell you! But the Freemasons know the truth, they found out the truth from Atlanteans who survived the last comet strikes. They pretend to work for our secret dinosaur overlords, but they merely use that as a cover to help liberate humanity!

Everyone the Atlanteans have told the truth to have been working tirelessly to try to free humanity. Jesus knew the truth! Jesus tried to tell us the truth in code, so the dinosaurs wouldn't know what he was up to, but they found out. One of the dinosaurs ate Judas and wore his skin, and "betrayed" Jesus. That's why Jesus kissed Judas, because Jesus had to know if his organization had been infiltrated, and that kiss told Jesus that they had. Because dinosaurs are horrible kissers.
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