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Controversial scientists

I'm currently reading a book called "Wilhelm Reich In Hell" by Robert Anton Wilson, and in the introduction he mentions some controversial scientists who, like Dr. Wilhelm Reich, had problems with the US government censoring their work and/or legal battles with the US. (Wilhelm Reich, in particular, had all his books and notes seized and burned by the US government in 1957.) I'm already familiar with Dr. Timothy Leary and his work, as well as with Immanuel Velikovsky. However, there are a couple here that I'm not familiar with and am having trouble finding information about:

* Dr. William Ivy, "formerly a respected physician and a member of the staff of University of Chicago Medical School, was engaged in an extensive legal battle, which lasted eight years and cost him a small fortune, before he was vindicated."

* Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, a biologist. A British scientific journal called Nature suggested, in the early '80s, that his books should be burned.

That's all the information I have about them so far. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks much!
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