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Starting a meme

Starting a meme! Credit fayanora!

Post a reply and I will tell you:

Your superhero name:
Your superpower:
Your costume:
Your sidekick:
His/her superpowers:
His/her costume:
The city you fight crime in:
Your arch nemesis:
His/her superpower:
Your greatest weakness:
A first edition of your comic sells on eBay for:

I have to do my own since I'm starting the meme:

Your superhero name: Hilda the Wonderbean
Your superpower: Your farts reach speeds up to 150 MPH and their sound can shatter glass.
Your costume: Blue spandex; you also wear an enormous pink plastic butt with a funnel in the middle of it to channel your farts.
Your sidekick: Norman the Nostril
His/her superpowers: The ability to shoot bullet-shaped boogers out of one nostril.
His/her costume: white spandex, a tutu, and the emblem of a booger on the front of his costume.
The city you fight crime in: Spanksburg, Alabama
Your arch nemesis: Gary the Noseless
His/her superpower: Super intelligent and inhumanly handsome.
Your greatest weakness: Beano
A first edition of your comic sells on eBay for: $12.43
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