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Interesting news

Scientists locate "The Zone"

London, UK - Scientists in London have recently announced new discoveries into what happens to people's brains while they're in "the zone." The Zone, an expression used to mean that someone is completely focused on something like the Internet or on some creative enterprise, has been shown to activate various sectors of the brain depending on the activity being done.

Scientists hooked up electrodes to subjects' heads to measure EEG and other brain activity, set subjects to various tasks, and observed the results. And it seems that the Internet activates specific areas of the prefrontal cortex and several areas in the left hemisphere of the brain. Meanwhile, doing creative tasks activated several areas of the right brain and showed marked increase in activity at the pineal gland.

Scientists are conducting further tests to better understand this activity.

HA! Gotcha! I pulled it out of my arse! Happy belated April Fool's day! :-)
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