The Djao'Mor'Terra Collective (fayanora) wrote,
The Djao'Mor'Terra Collective

Oh. My. FUCKING. Goddess!


There's this link going around to a transcript of a speech Barack Obama gave. Now, online I am a scanner... I rarely read all of everything if it's longer than a few sentences, I scan. I may scan several times, but I generally will not read all of anything online. You have a long post and you're a friend of mine? I'll scan it, friend or not. If I deem it worth replying to, I will copy the whole thing and address certain points and - that way - end up reading the whole thing. But I generally only scan. This is partly because reading on the computer hurts my eyes if I do more than scan, and partly because my attention wanders.

However... though this speech is several pages long, I read the entire thing straight through without scanning. I can't even remember the last time I read something that long on the computer, straight through, no scanning. It was THAT awesome. My attention was sucked in like [I will refrain from making the obvious pun*] an ant in a whirlpool.

After 8 years of being brain-starved by the empty-headed "Decider" with the IQ of a cup of wombat juice, now reading Barack's speech, I feel the intellectual equivalent of a man living off of a diet of anemic lichens for 8 years suddenly being given a 14-course meal rich enough to give a normally-"fed" person brain gout just by being in the same room as it. Oh gods, I "ate" that speech too fast, I think my brain is going to puke.

Seriously, though: this guy had better be our next President. I am going to pray to whoever I need to in order to get this guy elected, and sic Loki, Satan, and other tricksters on McCain. And sic Loki on Hilary. But whether he does or not, this guy is going to go down in history with the greats like Roosevelt, Franklin, and Martin Luther King Junior.

* = free Goth Cookies to anyone who guesses what The Obvious Pun is!
Tags: barack obama kicks ass, cool stuff, i want to suck barack obama's cock, politics
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