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A constructed language y'all should enjoy!

I am working on the language of Jibberesh, and when it's got enough on it, I will add the page to my website. For now, enjoy this taste of it...

English = Hi! my name is Fay, and I am fun. I love to eat in the kitchen. Where is the bathroom? I have to poop.
What is this? Is it their's? I think it is a cat, and it is theirs. Cats have nine lives.

Jibberesh = Wangham! Oingo twerkle honk Fay, eh oing nonk twingy. Oing hashbatter queek snurfo yep urb fwag. Dunk honk urb scrogglybok? Oing elmoe queek gwarf.
Plunk honk kwad? Honk nong noingo? Oing krag nong honk ock schroed, eh nong honk noingo. Schroedeek blurb nigh tackleek.

This SERIOUSLY has a real grammar and vocabulary and so on. In fact, the only difference between English and Jibberesh is the words. Also, as it is a work in progress, feel free to give me things to translate. Especially very serious things, like some serious quotes by old fuddy-duddies, I want to hear their words in Jibberesh!

Logjambo, pish hashbatter eh wingbat queek boing! (Goodbye, with love and peace to you!)


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Mar. 20th, 2008 01:26 am (UTC)
English = I'm sorry, I'm afraid you have cancer. You have three months to live.

Jibberesh = Oing nonk wongwong, oing nonk nanny boing blurb scraptackle. Boing blurb dree gragmakeek queek tackled.
Aug. 24th, 2008 05:47 am (UTC)
How do you remember all the words?

Translate: "The internet is serious business. Why are you laughing? I am being very serious and I do not appreciate your shenanigans."
Aug. 24th, 2008 06:25 am (UTC)
How do you remember all the words?

I don't. I have another constructed language, a serious one, that I use for my spirituality and I have a lot of that memorized by now, but maybe only 1 or 2% of it. The rest I keep in an OpenOffice document file.

A translation challenge, eh? I know there's already a word for Internet. Let me take a stab at it, as soon as the file loads:

English: "The internet is serious business. Why are you laughing? I am being very serious and I do not appreciate your shenanigans."

Translation: "Urb Swingdangle honk bingalongel wingawang. Klunk honk boing schwongysack? Oing honk bonksack hockalock bingalongel eh flerf tend nickelspit boingo plagfwacksmackle."

I have an incredible gift at creating nonsense syllables, often by singing. Helps with this language! :-D
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