The Djao'Mor'Terra Collective (fayanora) wrote,
The Djao'Mor'Terra Collective

Odd sort of person, I am.

Been reading the His Dark Materials series (Golden Compass, etc.) again. It's an awesome world! If I had a daemon, mine would either never settle into a form, or it would settle into the form of some mythological creature, like a phoenix or a dragon or a griffin. I very much want to see the movies.

Some things related to that...

1. I prefer some of the terms they use in Lyra's world to the ones we use in ours. I think "gyropter" sounds better than helicopter, I like when they say "choclotl" instead of chocolate, "anbaric" sounds neater than electric, and though I can't stand their Church, I like the sound of "experimental theology" as opposed to calling it science. Also, instead of polyester they have "coal silk," they have "coal spirit" instead of oil, and the gypsies are gyptians.

2. I think Specters are the scariest damn things ever.

3. If the religious freaks thought the first movie was bad in their opinion, I can't wait till the next movies come out. Lord Asriel waging war on "God," Lyra as Eve and Will as Adam, the land of the dead as a prison camp, God as a doddering old fool (his Kingdom run by a Regent who was once a man), and a couple of gay angels. Oh yeah, they're going to be soooo happy. :-) *Giggles wickedly*

4. I had more, but I forgotted them. :-)
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