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Another new word

I found myself needing another new word. Hoime is not exactly accurate for where I'm at now, because Lilla lives here too, not just her parents. Therefore:

hoiam [pronounced hoy-aam] = A place of residence, a shelter for the body but not much of a comfort to the mind or spirit. A place where one lives but has little affection for, or may even hate the place and/or most of the other people within it, or most of the people one lives with are merely roommates and very difficult to put up with. Differs from the word "hoime" in that there is at least one person (a human person) there that you like and/or love. People you have no opinion of either way don't count either. Example: "Home is where the heart is, hoiam is where the heart is NOT. For the most part."
2. adj. Of, pertaining to, or connected with one's hoiam or country, domestic: hoiam products.
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