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Sometimes, trying to explain things to others that they don't understand can spark interesting insights.

On the FB group "Aspergers," somebody posted that a customer had told them a joke that they didn't get. The joke was:

“What does a 500 pound rat say to a cat?”

I thought about it for a few seconds and asked what?

He replied “Here kitty kitty!”

The person went on to say they didn't get the joke because rats don't eat cats, it's the other way around.

I said "The joke is that rats eat pretty much anything that doesn't eat them, and the 500-pound rat would not be the least bit afraid of a cat. (Presumably a house cat) So a 500 lb rat *would* probably eat a cat."

To which someone else asked "how is that funny?"

So I said:

"Because the tables are turned. Cats usually eat rats and mice. And a 500 pound rat is like 'Oh how the tables have turned!' I think it's a metaphor for when a weak human who's been taking abuse from a bigger and stronger person for a long time suddenly gets really buff and beats the crap out of their abuser. (Or at least becomes so intimidating that the bully no longer dares to mess with them.)"

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