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Lost in a dream

Sometimes a perfectly normal and enjoyable dream can go to shit by my dream self getting lost. Last night, I was having a good dream about going to some kind of Ren faire at a college campus for a school field trip. All was going well. I had bought some things, and was browsing the food options. I ate, and then took a wrong turn trying to get back to where I'd left my coat (1) and some of the things I had bought, and got lost because in a dream, things move around. What's worse is, once your mood shifts because you've - for instance - gotten lost, things move around even more. People you ask for help ignore you or worse. First person I tried getting help from was a teacher, who ignored me and continued teaching.

Well everything began to snowball quickly, in that "condensed time" way that dreams can do sometimes. So next thing I know, I find myself wandering around outside wearing a blanket and still cold, my mouth full of foul-tasting ice. (2) I found this out when a cop pulls up to ask me if I'm doing okay. And of course I had to go and worry he would think I was homeless, so I try to explain I'm trying to find where I left my things so I can go home, but my mouth is full of ice. And probably because of my sudden worry, when I can't talk and I'm there trying to spit chunks of ice out and drooling as I'm doing it, he bursts out laughing and drives off. Fucking pig.

I finally get the ice out and can start talking right again as he's driving off, and I'm standing there annoyed by the whole thing. I look up, still wandering around, and I'm still on the college campus. I can tell because there's some kind of college sporting event going on. (No idea which one.) Anyway, I am So Done at that point, and so suddenly my sleeping brain remembers it's all a dream, and now I can stop focusing on trying to find my stuff. Now in lucid dream mode, I magically summon my things to myself Because I Can, put on my coat, and say "Fuck this, I'm taking an Uber home." I get out my phone and call up Uber, and then I woke up.

So, what would have been a perfectly nice little vacation dream turned into a harrowing event because I took a wrong turn trying to get back to the room I'd left my coat in, and was only solved when I said Fuck This and went into Lucid Dream Mode.

(1) = Not sure why it's a coat; I haven't worn a coat regularly for YEARS. Usually I wear a cloak. On the rare occasion I wear a coat, it's because the weather is way too cold for a cloak (which my new cloak has a much higher limit for that) or because I want to ride my bike without worrying about cloak flaps getting caught in the gears.

(2) = I have that kind of dream a lot, where my mouth is full of something sticky like molasses but foul tasting and often mysterious in nature. I think it's caused by real life dry mouth in my sleep. At least it was ice this time. It could be a lot worse. The worst ones are when my mouth is gummed up by literal shit. I hate those so much.

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