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Another odd writer question

I end up asking a lot of strange questions as a writer. Today's strange question: Did Native Americans have cheese before the Europeans invaded their lands? Which in itself is just a segue to the real question of "What would a Sasquatch living a still tribal existence (largely untouched by the European invasion) eat?"

I get around some of this by virtue of the fact she's living in a realm of Faery called Tirffiniol that is largely unspoiled wilderness, but she's going to a human school of magic, so I need to know what human foods she would eat and which she would find weird or gross. Her people are omnivores, which helps somewhat.

I haven't decided if they have any domesticated animals or not, but if they do, it'd have to be like, dogs or something. They're nomadic, even sometimes wandering over to Earth (largely for ceremonial reasons; they largely abandoned Earth when the white man started invading), and Tirffiniol has some resemblance to Earth including similarly positioned landmasses and some shared species due to natural portals opening up and various animals, plants, and people being sucked from one world to another. (In fact, that's how faeries like kitsune evolved - ordinary foxes trying to survive in Tirffiniol evolved and adapted to the highly magical world.) But you know, real life analogues can help inform my decisions.

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