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Words have meaning

There's this YouTube video that is titled "paralyzed cat gets wheelchair," but then halfway through the video they're giving it some sort of water therapy where it's shown that its back legs still move so I pointed out that it's not paralyzed and thus the title is misleading.

Someone then tried to school me on how some people have weak legs and still need a wheelchair and I'm like that's not the point I know about those kind of people. Here was my exact response:

Yes, I am aware of that, however that is not the same thing as "paralyzed." Words have meaning, and "paralyzed" means they can't move their legs at all because their spine is severed. Spine being severed means no signal to or from the brain. If the cat's legs still move, the spine is not severed, and therefore he is not paralyzed. Something is wrong with his legs, not with his spine, so he isn't paralyzed. You can't just use a word with a specific meaning like that to mean something else entirely.

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