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Some social situations and emotions I just don't understand. In the TV series "Lucifer," in Season 3, Mazikeen (AKA "Maze") is angry at her friend Linda for having sex with her (Mazikeen's) ex, Amenadiel. All because she told Linda not to do that, unknowingly with the two of them already doing that. Linda lied and said she wasn't, but kept on dating Amenadiel anyway. Which, okay, she lied, I get that. What I don't get is why Mazikeen is so pissed about it, now that the truth is out. He's your EX, Maze! Why do you care who your ex sleeps with??? It's not like he's cheating on you! Besides, the two of them weren't really dating anyway, they were just having sex, and Maze only seduced Amenadiel to manipulate him for Lucifer's sake anyway, so like... I don't get why any of this matters. I don't get why Maze is angry. It's a stupid fucking reason to risk a friendship over.

IDK, is the relevant emotion here jealousy? Or something else? I'm so unable to understand this situation that I'm not even sure what the relevant emotions are. And if it turns out to be jealousy... well, jealousy is an emotion I have never felt in my life, an emotion I just have no comprehension of whatsoever. It's like trying to understand anger when you've never felt anger before.

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