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Another thing I did today was sketch an image of the Greek goddess Eris. Because I had this image in my mind, basically of Shao'Kehn as Eris, and of course Shao'Kehn would be labeled "black" if She were a person with Her own body living here in our culture. And with the Greeks not being white, contrary to public opinion, I liked the idea of an Eris of color. Granted, the Greeks aren't black either, but Shao-Kehn's skin tone varies by image from light skinned to darker skinned.

Now this didn't turn out quite how I wanted it, because Shao'Kehn gives this intense look to the viewer in most pictures of Her that didn't come through in the sketch.1 But well, it's just a rough draft of the digital painting I want to do anyway. So, not a big deal.

So here it is:

Sketch of Eris

1 = Said Look is hard to describe, but I think most people would either be intimidated by it, or intrigued. Me, that look of Hers makes me all tingly in my nether portions. I guess for me, it's like the look a dom gives a sub when they want the sub to know the dom is about to enjoy something.

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