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I do declare I have the vapours

Went to the Undersized Renaissance Faire in Milwaukie today to help Victor with his booth. Despite the day being a slow one, he got a couple sales. We think it's so slow because of those horrible neo-Nazi fascist "proud boys" demonstrating downtown, so a lot of people are staying home, even though Milwaukie is far south of downtown.

I only got like, maybe an hour and a half of sleep last night, so I was kind of out of it. But so were Cat and Victor. But that didn't stop me wandering around the faire to enjoy looking at beautiful things I don't have the money for, and taking business cards to order from the best ones at a later date.

It also didn't stop me enjoying the eye candy. There's always eye candy at these events, with beautiful men and women dressed in... interesting... outfits. Like today, there were several fit young men in a LARPing guild running around shirtless, many of them in kilts.

One young man in particular caught my fancy. Probably in his mid 20's or early 30's, shoulder length brown hair, nice chest and legs. Nice face and voice, too. Kind eyes. And from observing him all day, he seems to be a genuinely kind and polite young man. He was a vendor, not a LARPer, or at least he spent most of his time at the booth two down from ours - the one between us being kind of small - selling jewelry made of chains by frequently using the hook phrase "Wanna get chained up?" He has an easygoing manner, a casual but goofy charm to him.

There was also a woman in her 20's who looked like Evanna Lynch - the actress who played Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter movies - and since Luna is my absolute favorite character in that series, I was glad for every opportunity for this woman to walk past (which was frequently; she was doing something that had her going all around the faire). She has an identical twin who was there as well, but the twin was wearing a mask over her face the whole time, so I can't confirm. But the idea of two young women who look like Evanna Lynch living in Portland is lovely!

With the chain man I mentioned, there was a point toward the end where I missed a golden opportunity. I guess he was playfully flirting with Cat, and she was playfully responding with something like "not that we don't like men in kilts - we do, but we're both taken." (Meaning her and Victor are an item.) I missed a golden opportunity, because of my slow wit, to get closer to him, bat my eyes at him, and say "But I'm not." Possibly with, at some point, the added "that is, if you don't mind a little extra surprise down below," to make sure he knows what he's getting into. He'll probably be there tomorrow. Maybe I'll have another chance. :)

Oh and since I got so little sleep, and I'm so exhausted, I think once my meal has digested a little bit, I'll be going to bed. Going to bed about 8 or 9 pm? Getting up early enough to be ready to go by 7 or 8 am is likely going to be a cinch tonight!

The reason I was unable to sleep last night was a confluence of problems. First, Victor didn't get back to me on when I should be up until like midnight or later, so there was that. But I still could've gotten at least 4 and a half hours of sleep if my brain hadn't insisted on playing Steeleye Span songs1

1 = If you're not familiar with Steeleye Span, they're an old group from the 60's/70's (apparently still around!) that do old folk songs from the UK, but to ROCK MUSIC. Here's some of the better examples of their music:

Alison Gross
One Misty Moisty Morning

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