February 17th, 2020


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So I didn't really pay a lot of attention in school to things like events and clubs and stuff. The Fae Springs school in the Ravenstone series has a couple of dances a year and book two has a Halloween party. There's a pagan club in school that does rituals. There's a dueling club, and a dueling team. (Magical dueling.) I still don't have any luck really in the magical sports area cuz I really don't much care for regular sports. There might also be the magical version of a chess club. (5D chess)

Anyway, if you can think of anything else to add that might be fun for one or more of the characters, let me know in the comments.

Also let me know if you can think of any mandatory school events that might NOT be fun for my characters. Like, I've played around with the idea of pep rallies, because Dalia would hate the noise, the crowd, and she's a bit of a nerd. She doesn't care much about sports, but they only really have one inter-school sport, and that's dueling. Although that might change later, if I can think of an interesting enough magical sport.

Anyway, Dalia is not the only nerd in the group. In fact, most of them are, if not nerds, then at least geeks. The only sporty characters in my main group are Vedya and Sarah, as they both play soccer and do skateboarding. Vedya also does basketball. She may be very short (4 foot 10 inches in book 2), but she knows math well enough where she could probably use that and her strength to compensate.

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