February 14th, 2020


Soccer question

There's a soccer scene in this chapter. I know fuckall about soccer, and already tried wading through a bunch of boring shit about the game. It's not a detailed scene, the only thing I really need to know is this:

Would a score of 20 to 9 be reasonable in soccer?

I literally know nothing about how it's scored and my eyes glaze over when I try looking through a bunch of crap for the answer. Answers would be very appreciated.

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Star Wars

Wow. I had zero interest in "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker" before getting spoilers. Now my interest is like, negative 100 because the spoilers showed to me that Disney just took this already questionable trilogy of movies and took a massive yellow spray of explosive diarrhea all over the entire franchise, with that movie. One spoiler in particular (that I won't mention here) is one of those things that ruins the entire series by being a bit of information that makes you go "If Anakin had known that information before becoming Darth Vader, none of the rest of the movies would have even happened. Or would have happened in an entirely different way." I mean, there are plot holes, but this isn't a plot hole, it's a plot TANK because it comes barreling through shooting up the entire story until it's just like, you have to completely ignore the last movie for any of the other movies to even make any sense.

It's like if it had been revealed at the end of Deathly Hallows that Voldemort knew it was a monumentally bad idea to kill Harry, and then went ahead and did it anyway for some unfathomable reason. Except far worse, because at least THAT would make *some* sense, given that Voldemort proves over the course of seven books / eight movies that he's a bigger moron than even Donald Trump!

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My Blade Of Flame

"My Blade Of Flame"
by: Fayanora Arts

My blade of flame,
My heart, my soul,
The forge within me deep,
Burning hot all day and night,
For ne'er does it sleep.
Life's blood hot and metal,
Soul's light like the sun,
Its blaze consumes its vessel,
Which is true of everyone.

My blade of flame,
Its Will immense,
My soul's eternal aether,
Grabbed at random matter
And strung it all together.
My soul a smith, it forged a mech
Of meat and bone and thought,
Built it up from just a speck,
The spark my parents wrought.

My blade of flame,
A tempest bottled,
A goddess scarce confined
Within this fragile meat suit
With its small, encumbered mind,
A smorgasbord of challenges
It chose to shape its path,
The risk was calculated,
But damn, I'm bad at math.

My blade of flame,
Its passion hot,
Once met a fellow spirit
So peaceful and so joyous
It felt good just to be near it.
This soothed the savage sorrow
Of a life of grief and pain,
But the time we had was borrowed,
And will not come again.

My blade of flame,
My magick raw,
Will always scream, defiant,
Against the greatest force of all,
That Entropy, foul Giant!
Chaos fire shrewd and bold
Will fight encroaching dark,
Even when Creation's cold
Save for one last quark.

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