February 4th, 2020


Tone problem

I need help with adjectives and stuff to help get across the speaking tone of a teacher who's a bit of a grouch, with a perfunctory attitude. Kinda like a cross between Professor McGonagall and Professor Snape, without being a bullying asshole.

She's mildly ableist, and rarely sounds sorry when she apologizes. It's not that she isn't sorry, she's just bad at expressing regret, or is too tired to give a frick, like she's too busy to waste time with coddling other people's feelings.

And like, I can think of stuff like "clipped tone" or "snapped," but "snapped" is just a bit too strong a word. Word choice in the dialogue can only go so far, and I think "said" is way too mild.

Any help anyone can give me is much appreciated.

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