February 2nd, 2020


What a day

My feet hurt a lot, because of the day I had.

Planned to go to two places, the second of which was Grocery Outlet again because damn if I was gonna not go back for more of that chicken that was 89 cents per pound. So all day I had with me the rolling luggage I use for groceries, in anticipation of that.

Left this morning for Target, to get one of those inverted umbrellas (opens opposite of other umbrellas, this way if a gust of wind closes it, big whoop, because that's the direction it closes anyway). There's a Target by Clackamas Town Center Mall, and I thought to try Macy's first anyway in case I didn't have to go all the way to Target.

The lady I asked at the first Macy's sent me to the second Macy's because they didn't have any there. By this, I mean there were two instances of Macy's in the same damn mall, for some reason. As it turned out, thought, neither Macy's had inverted umbrellas (even though they'd had them on their website).

So from there I went to the bathroom. First bathroom was closed because it was before official mall opening hours, which still confuses me because it makes no sense, seeing as I was in the mall, and it was open. Anyway, I went to a different restroom in the Food Court that was open.

Then, because I'd only had a few hot dogs for breakfast and was already getting hungry, I had some Chinese food for second breakfast. When that was done, I decided now was the time to go to Target.

Finding the Target was a huge chore. It's hard to judge distances on Google Maps, and it was a lot farther away from the mall than I thought it was, and I probably walked twice as long as I needed to on my search for how to get there even with help from Google Maps. And of course there are no buses that go between the mall and Target, or the app would have told me about them.

So yeah, my feet were already starting to hurt by the time I found the Target. Luckily, the inverted umbrellas were just past the carts. I spent about 5 times longer waiting in line than it took me to find the umbrellas. I got a pink one, of course. Well, pink on the inside (when open) and black on the outside.

Getting back to the mall was almost as much hassle as finding the Target had to begin with, and I was sorely tempted to call a Lyft to take me there. I probably should have, in retrospect, the distance between the two places is ridiculous even when you mostly know where you're going. But I'm poor and cheap, so I walked.

Finally made it to the bus station, and of course just missed the bus I needed (the 33), and had to wait 10 more minutes by the time I actually got to the stop. Not too bad, but still annoying.

By the time I got to the bus stop, I needed to pee again. But I held it until I got off the 33. Went into a Starbuck's to pee, since there's one half a block from the Grocery Outlet. My phone desperately needed a recharge by this point (I'd been running Pokemon Go while walking most of the day, for candies and egg hatching), and since my emergency recharge power bank thing was at home charging, I had to plug the phone in and wait. Luckily they had one of those USB charge ports in their plugs, because I didn't have a charger on me, just the cord for the power bank thing.

Now, the cord for the power bank thing is very short, as it doesn't need to be long to do what it does normally. So I had to sit the phone on the seat above the plug and let it charge. Since I didn't have my tablet with me either, I discovered I didn't have anything with me to pass the time and keep boredom at bay.

To alleviate the boredom, I ended up looking through my bags. In the top pocket of the luggage, I found a necklace I don't remember ever having, made of a small white stone (possibly moonstone) in a wire cage. That was certainly interesting and unexpected. And in the canvas bag, while going through receipts and throwing the old ones away, I found a package from eBay I had forgotten about. It was very small, smaller than an envelope, and had a necklace with a picture of an inverted pentagram in it. I had forgotten all about it!

Anyway, when my phone was up to 60%, I went to Grocery Outlet. I got four packages of the chicken - two of thighs, two of legs. At about $5 or less, I spent no more than $20 on all that meat. (And yes, I had the room in my freezer for most of it. The little that wouldn't fit in the freezer is being cooked in the slow cooker right now.)

I also got a 10 foot USB cord for $5, I found a new pair of shoes for $9.99 (which is good because my current ones are getting a bit worn out), and a second one of those gallon jars of pickles. Pickle fiend that I am, I got it. It's sitting in my cupboard, awaiting its turn. But seeing as I've eaten several pickles per day for two days and haven't even gotten halfway through the first jar, it's probably gonna be two or three more days before I need to open the new one.

Oh, also found some riced cauliflower, which is good. Now I can eat that instead of rice, when I have curries. Now I just need to go to Hong Phat and *get* some more curry paste.

Ah but I'm not done relating my day! For after getting my purchases loaded up into the luggage and getting on the bus, I got off at the stop for the 70. The board telling when the buses were coming said the 70 was 2 minutes from departing. Two minutes passed, I got on the bus...

...only to realize too late I was on the wrong one. I was on the 33 heading back the way I'd come! I got off as soon as I could, but my feet were hurting bad enough and my spoons were low enough that I said "Fuck it" and took a Lyft home rather than crossing the street, waiting for the fucking 33, and then waiting again for the fucking 70.

And that was my day. My feet still hurt. I'm gonna do fuck all for the rest of the day.

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"Praise Morshenda, for She is The Night and The Void, wearing a shawl of stars."

Image is of Morshenda, who is the Yahgahn Goddess of Night, Darkness, and Void.

I've been wanting to draw a realistic picture of Morshenda for at least 15 years, but never felt up to the challenge until today. This piece was quite a challenge, as it depends on negative space to define Her face. For a reference, I heavily relied on a photo that had the right look and energy. It's not quite as dark as the reference picture, but pretty close.

The idea for this image was it should appear like She's coalescing from the darkness. I'm not sure how well I did on that point, but I'm still very proud of this piece.

I wanted Her eyes to be moons, but I decided against it, as I'm fairly sure that's outside my technical expertise.

I feel like this might be my best work to date.

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