February 1st, 2020

Dimmu penta

My faith is rational

The guy in this video ("4 Things Atheists Should Never Say," in which he - an atheist - criticizes things a lot of other atheists say) is talking in one part of the video about definitions of faith, and how there are different definitions; faith isn't just believing stuff you're told without evidence. And I wrote the following comment:

I totally get you on the different definitions of faith. I'm neopagan. I wasn't raised that way. I came to my faith by having a lot of experiences that just didn't make sense with any other explanation - ghosts, hearing the thoughts of trees, knowing things about people I could not possibly have known without reading their mind or some other kind of ESP (for instance knowing, in kindergarten, that a bully of mine was being abused at home with no standard-type rational reason to think this, and being right; another time, I somehow knew that Mom had experienced a miscarriage before I was even born, but she had never told anyone about it, not even Dad, nor had she written it down anywhere), prophetic dreams, the ability to barely skim an article or book and be able to understand it fully by osmosis, and also I can feel the emotions of other people, knowing things about their moods even when they weren't in the room before I could possibly even know they were even coming. (No way to see, hear, smell, or otherwise mundanely sense them coming, and no way to infer their approach was imminent, even knowing someone was majorly pissed off minutes before they arrived - long before cell phones were common - despite all the previous + such anger being extremely out of character for them.)

So for me, my faith is believing my own senses and my own subsequent conclusions about reality based on those senses when the majority of people around me kept/keep telling me that view of reality is impossible or unrealistic. Which means that for me, my faith in the gods, in ghosts, in ESP, and in magick is rational and evidence-based. It's just a kind of rationale and evidence that most people - especially most atheists - don't accept as being legitimate, because it doesn't match their own.

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When I use Lyft, it gives me a picture of the driver, a picture of the car, and the license plate number. This is all very useful, far more than the make and model of car, because everything made after about 1990 looks basically identical, like they were all designed by the same person, and they only ever come in your choice of like, five colors (white, black, tan, navy, and maroon). The most unique cars to come out of the modern era are Mini Coopers, those boxy ugly Ford monstrosities the name of which I can't recall, and Hummers, all three of which are absolutely hideous. Oh, and those super short cars that look like a glorified Little Tykes car, or like someone cut a regular car into fourths, removed every other piece, and welded the remaining pieces back together. Those are okay I guess, if you don't mind being blown off the highway like a piece of paper by every passing semi or sufficiently large van. And also if you don't mind driving something that's one step away from being the answer to the question "What if Segway made an electric wheelchair?"

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