January 24th, 2020


Two dreams

Couple of interesting dreams earlier.

First dream, I was a fairy. Full human sized and so light that it was a wonder I was ever on the ground. I started out running at 40 MPH, then I slowed down to human normal speed and was leaping from one wooden post to another. After that, my wings came out and I was flying through the air and alighting on roofs. It was a lot of fun.

Then later, there was a dream where I was lost in some unfamiliar city. I got on board this thing that was like a train car being suspended from cables but from rails that... Not really sure how to describe it, but the suspended car... imagine attaching the middle of a train car (sans wheels) to this rail system so both ends poke out past the rails, and then the train cars go REALLY fast. Like, "we went 30 miles in 10 minutes" fast. I guess that's 180 MPH.

Anyway, so I mistakenly got on one of these air trains and ended up going 30 miles so fast that I was in a different city altogether. I got off so I wouldn't get any more lost (the sky train kept going past that stop) and as I was trying to figure out how to get home, I went to this restaurant at the stop. The hostess asked me "Hot or Cold?" and I was like "What?" So she helpfully explained "Hot food or cold food." As it turns out, this restaurant asked that because if you ordered cold food, you could put it on food stamps.

Other things I learned about that civilization in the dream:

1. Homelessness was rampant. So rampant that 7 out of 10 people I met lived in a shelter.

2. White men were a racial minority there. But that world didn't have racism, so it didn't hinder their chances. Apparently everybody was doing poorly, regardless of race.

3. The food at this restaurant was all identical and mass produced, more like a homeless shelter than a restaurant. It probably didn't cost more than $3 at a guess. There was only ever one thing on each of the menus (Hot or Cold) per day. I don't know what the cold meal of the day was when I got there, but the hot meal was a really sad looking hamburger served with a side of sauteed onions. By sad, I mean that hamburger would have made the value meal at McDonald's look high class by comparison. I'm pretty sure the "buns" were bread rolls cut in half. You know, the kind of rolls they serve on the side at free meals for the poor/homeless, that you can buy in packs of 10 or 20?

4. Apparently they don't discriminate by appearance much either. The hostess was... well I'll be honest, she was a fright. Buck teeth, scraggly hair, skinny arms, her face absolutely drowning in acne. Imagine if one of the human background characters in Invader Zim was made real. But she must have been a really nice person, because her inner loveliness shone through, making her not unpleasant to look at despite having an appearance I wouldn't wish on anybody.

I didn't think to ask who the President of that world was, but it wouldn't surprise me if he was named Furbish Lousewart V.

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