January 14th, 2020


God fuck it.

On a YouTube video, a clip from House M.D., was this synopsis:

House discovers his patient, a teenage super model, has cancer but not in an area she would expect. House finds that she was birthed as male but is immune to testosterone, giving her heightened female traits. However this doesn't seem to sit well with this patient.

My response: Ah yes, Complete Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome. Writers of the synopsis need to be slapped. People with CAIS may have XY chromosomes, but they are no more male than an XX woman is. That's not some woke millennial point of view, that's the medical view. All humans start out as female in the womb, regardless of their chromosomes. Most XY people then produce testosterone and become male. In CAIS patients, that doesn't happen. Some people with CAIS can even get pregnant. So saying she was "born as male" is 100% wrong. If your instructions for a kit tell you to build a book shelf but you use the kit to build a dresser, you cannot rightly call the dresser a book shelf.

And anyway, in the video they talk about her ovaries. If she were a man, in the way they mean, she wouldn't have ovaries. I mean yeah, in the video they say she has testicles as well, but that just means she’s intersex. Still a form of androgen insensitivity. She's still a woman.

Multiple times in the clip, House misgenders her, calls her a man, and uses very TERFy fake medical terms to describe her condition. And for that, the writers need to be punched in the face.

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