January 12th, 2020


Language question

You know how small children mispronounce words, like they might substitute w's for L's they can't say, and the like? Does anyone happen to know, or have an educated guess, about how a small child might mispronounce Spanish words? A character of mine, Sweetheart Ravenstone, speaks Spanish and English as well as ASL. I've only had them speaking English or ASL so far in the story because of this gap in my knowledge.

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They are watching

We live in a world where it's perfectly legal to buy and sell tracking devices you can put on someone against their will, such devices can't be turned off or removed by the people being tracked, such devices are even advertised on Facebook, and when you point out how horribly well they can be abused by abusers, human traffickers, and fascist governments, hundreds of people in the comments will say you're crazy and paranoid.

Yes, this is real. I've gotten, over the last month, recommendations by Facebook for at least 3 or 4 different brands of such devices. For each one, hundreds of positive comments and virtually no negative comments or reactions. Which just... I cannot begin to fathom how people can see these devices being advertised and not be horrified and terrified that such devices A. Exist. B. Are legal to buy, sell, and own. C. Apparently have hundreds, even thousands of fans, and virtually no detractors.

Whoever runs the social media for the latest one I've been railing against in the comments keeps telling me more about the device, trying to make me see how great it is, but every damn thing they say about is just even more high-octane nightmare fuel that makes me even more convinced that such devices should be illegal, and that everyone who makes, sells, and buys such devices should be in prison, and all the plans and patents for them incinerated.

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