January 8th, 2020


Alien teddy bears

Dream last night: my character went around the universe collecting stories of colonists. First planet visited seemed way behind for a colony that should have been several hundred years old, like they had only just started in the last 20 years. Did some investigating, found out that the first colony several hundred years ago was doing well and agrarian for an uncertain amount of time before yellow alien teddy bears invaded the planet.

Teddy bear species, their colony ship was like a giant medical 3D printer that printed out alien bodies, then downloaded their minds into the printed bodies.

Mass of printed teddy bear aliens descends upon the towns of the first colony and destroys everything.

And that is all the further I got in a story before waking up. One presumes something later happened to kill off the teddy bear aliens, where the planet's land lay fallow for a few decades or more until a second group of humans started colonizing again. Alternatively, survivors from the first group could've rebuilt.

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